Tom and Bo

“My wife and I recently decided to redo our revocable trust first created three decades ago. Over that time we move 3 times, our son married, had a child, moved to Europe, and we retired.

We first learned about Allison Kierman on the app, Nextdoor. At the time we were not considering any legal needs but the reviews were so exemplary that we took her contact information should we need a good attorney.

Eventually, we made an appointment, and it was the right appointment!

Ms. Kierman is not only an outstanding individual, she is an exceptional attorney. Having interacted with far too many attorneys in our careers, we were especially honored to work with such a trustworthy, competent and thoughtful individual.

With only three visits and an email or two, we were able to develop a new Trust efficiently and fairly.  Further, we were always encouraged to follow up with any questions, alterations, or concerns.

Allison Kierman is the attorney you want to establish your legal plans. She will be a great choice!”

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