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Kierman Law will help you identify your personal needs, make sound life planning decisions, ensure your family and children are protected, and will give you peace of mind. Why Plan?

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Estate Planning

Protect your family and financial assets for the future. Ensure your elderly or special needs family members, pets, and other loved ones are provided with long-term caretaking and assistance.

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Probate Litigation

Alleviate the stress and paperwork associated with finalizing estate plans after the death of a loved one. Resolve disputes over the estate of a loved one if there has been undue influence, a mistake, lack of mental capacity, or an accounting error.


Why Do You Need an Estate Plan?

Dying without an estate plan means giving up control of how your assets are distributed and who will take care of your children.

Only 42 percent of U.S. adults have wills, according to a recent survey conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International. Yet, everyone needs an estate plan to protect their children and assets, avoid family squabbling, and ensure their last wishes are honored.

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