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After a loved-one passes, the heirs must go through the court-supervised process of administering the decedent’s estate and transferring the decedent’s assets to the heirs. Sometimes family members agree on the interpretation of a loved-ones will and other times family members dispute claims.

Kierman Law is a trusted adviser. We provide legal opinions on the interpretation of a will, advise on all aspects of the probate process, help decipher financial exploitation issues, prepare all court-required probate filings and papers, and can assist in will challenges.

In particular, Kierman Law can help probate a will and prepare the following:
  • Probate Application

  • Letters of the Personal Representative

  • Inventory

  • Notices to Heirs, Devisees, & Known Creditors (as well as publication of Notice to Unknown Creditors)

  • Closing Statement

Kierman Law can also help you contest a will or trust. Issues to consider when contesting a will or trust include the following:
  • Undue Influence: Was the will was written or induced under threat or coercion?

  • Mistake: Was there a mistake in the execution of a will?

  • Mental Capacity: Did the decedent have the requisite mental capacity at the time of will execution? Was the decedent senile, delusional, depressed, or suffer from dementia Alzheimer’s or other physical or mental condition or disorder?

  • Accounting: Has there been a full and complete accounting and inventory of the decedent’s estate?

  • Determination of Heirs: Is there a will? Are the legal heirs estranged?

  • Will Construction: Is the will clear and concise?