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Informal Probate in Arizona

Informal probate is the simplest and most cost-effective probate.

If the Deceased died without complete estate planning and owned more than $100,000 in real property or more than $75,000 in personal property, probate may be required. Arizona has three ways to probate an estate – informal, formal, and supervised. Informal probate is the simplest and most cost-effective probate.

Informal probate requires that the deceased had a valid will at the time of death that has not been challenged and died less than 2 years before probate is opened. In an informal probate process, a personal representative is appointed by the court to administer the estate with minimal court supervision. The administration typically involves inventorying and appraising the estate for the heirs, disclosing and paying all creditors, filing a final set of taxes, and distributing the estate pursuant to the terms of the will. The process typically takes 5-8 months.

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