Ancillary Probate Administration2019-02-11T04:13:02+00:00

Many times, an individual owns property in Arizona while maintaining a formal residence elsewhere. At the time of death, this may require ancillary administration and probate for an out-of-state decedent. Ancillary administration is necessary because real estate must be probated in the state which it exists. There may be a probate proceeding that is administered in the home state of the person who has died. If the estate does not have many assets or issues, our firm can file a small estate declaration. No matter what size of your case, however, we can deal with the ancillary administration. We have extensive experience with ancillary probate administration and can act on behalf of the out-of-state family. We can also handle the non-domiciliary administration in California with the trust administration attorney who is dealing with the domiciliary probate in the decedent’s home state.

Kierman Law, PLC can help you all of your Arizona ancillary administration and probate issues. No matter where you live, if you have to deal with an asset that is located in Arizona, we can ensure that all details are handled in a proper manner.