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Why Do You Need an Estate Plan?

Dying without an estate plan means giving up control of how your assets are distributed and who will take care of your children.

Only 42 percent of U.S. adults have wills, according to a recent survey conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International. Yet, everyone needs an estate plan to protect their children and assets, avoid family squabbling, and ensure their last wishes are honored.

Specifically, you need an estate plan to:

Estate Planning
Select immediate and long term guardians for your children.
Estate Planning
Appoint a conservator to preserve your financial assets for your children.
Estate Planning
Manage personal care and medical directives during and after life.
Estate Planning
Ensure a significant other will be granted access to your medical information in the event of an incapacity.
Estate Planning
Minimize estate, death, and gift taxes.
Estate Planning
Minimize the time and costs of probate.
Estate Planning
Protect family assets from creditors or judgments, even those that are decades old.
Estate Planning
Distribute assets to loved ones who are not legal heirs.
Estate Planning
Provide for succession planning for your business.

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