A will serves 3 purposes. First, a will allows you to identify who will receive what of your property and possessions when you pass. Second, a will allows you to name a guardian for any minor children upon your passing. Third, a will names who will administer and handle your affairs after you pass. This is often called the personal representative or executor of the estate. A will can be long or short, simple or complex. To be valid in Arizona, it should be notarized and witnessed by 2 unrelated individuals.

If you have questions regarding your will or want to execute a will, please feel free to reach out.

For more information about wills, check out my blogs at: Wills, Trusts & Dying Intestate: How They Differ and Wills vs. Trusts: A Quick & Simple Reference Guide.

Yes, you should update your will to be consistent with the laws of the state you live in. This is particularly true if you own real estate or have minor children. Local laws will govern how real estate can be held, titled, and distributed upon death. Local laws also govern how guardians are appointed for minors. If you’ve recently moved to Arizona and need to update your will, check out my Arizona Estate Planning Update Package – Kierman Law.

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