Kierman Law Estate Planning

Meet Allison Kierman, Estate Attorney of Kierman Law in Paradise Valley

What does your law firm specialize in?

We do estate planning, which includes your wills, trusts, financials and medical powers of attorney. Everything you sort of need to do to get organized in life. We also handle what happens after. So we help loved ones figure out probate, trust administration and just answering questions. So they know when they’ve lost someone, what the next steps are.

What do you think is important for people to know?

I work with sort of all families. Some people tell me, they’re boring, but I still work with them. You don’t need a lot of assets, the more assets you have, the more complicated it is. I think for real estate owners, the key is, let’s have your home in a trust. Let’s have your business interest in an LLC, roll that into the trust that way you are organized and get on top of things. I see a lot of spouses who don’t know what the other spouse does. And we want to put all the cards on the table. What do we have? Where’s their money invested? How do we pay the bills, that sort of education will help make sure that there’s continuity if one spouse passes.